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We love Halloween!!!

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

In case you didn't know, we are all crazy for Halloween here at the Sycamore Grille! Our customers and our crew go all out and show off their creativity each year. Our Halloween party was on November 1st this year. Keeping with a years long tradition, we had Jimmy & Nick Brown playing live. They are the anchor of our Halloween party and we truly love having them here! Check them out on the mic and in costume.

Each year we had out prizes for best costume, best couple and best staff. This year's best costume went to Kim dressed as the Queen of Hearts! She nailed it and was a crowd favorite!

The prize for Best Couple went to Amy & Barb dressed as Gentleman Jack and Sir Elton John. Amy & Barb love Halloween and they always knock it out of the park with their get ups! We love you both!

Best staff went to one our newest members of the crew- Alice. We are not sure what she called her outfit but we just called her Creepy Doll- fitting huh? Here she is with this years' honorable mention- Headless Table Person Thing. We still aren't sure who this is but wow- love, love, love the costume!!!

You can see a gallery of photos from our party on our Facebook page by clicking here:

Big time thanks to all of our awesome customers and staff for dressing up! Your support makes our Halloween Bash a real bash!

Lindsey & Dave

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